Friday, September 29, 2006

Me Being Funny on the Weekend

If you have been wondering where I was all this time and why I didn’t write a word since Monday…thank you for thinking about me.

Was I reflecting to come up with great ideas? NO…NO

Was I depressed from the DEPRESSING situation in our BELOVED Middle East? NO…NO

Was I traveling? NO…NO

Was I sick? NO…NO

Am being funny? I hope so…HAHA

Well, I was spending my time at the gym…

Yes, yes, yes… I see the disappointment on your faces. You thought that I was doing something more interesting like meeting Mr Bush and telling him straight in his face what I think of his failed ME policies, strategies…whatever??

Well, listen to this too…or read this too…

I was learning how to prepare custard... I have been married for 4 years now and I am turning 31 soooooooon, very sooon (on the 13 of October) and still I don’t know how to do the custard…That is not acceptable…well in my part of the world that is a good reason for a man to divorce his wife!!!!

And still Men are governing the world!!! No wonder the world is in BAD SHAPE…

Well if you know of any easy recipes, please HELP ME….

My precious fans from all over the world (again this megalomania will kill me)Keep Smiling….Have a nice WEEKEND…and of course since this moment I am ready to receive all your best wishes for my B-day… I am not forcing you…If you desire to do so!!!


Blogger Catherine said...


I am your best mate, I am impressed by you webpage, I think I will put this as my favorities and I will check on it everyday from now on......I am Catherine hehee

Interestingly,we were eating custard last night and talking about the Devon custard is too thin, so may be you can give me your recipe....I can't make custard but hope James won't divorce me. I have just turned 30 last is shocking.

Anyway, keep up with this good page.....and your sushi....

8:12 AM  
Blogger Laury Haytayan said...

hey custard is a diet custard with skimmed milk...U like it??? I missed u alottttttt

12:07 PM  

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