Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11, 2006: what Arab Muslims should do

September 11, 2001: I was in the UK handing in my MA thesis and going shopping as a reward for my year long studies of the ME. A Lebanese childhood friend of mine called me astonished, shocked; he was trying to explain to me what happened in the US, he was trying to understand what happened.

But I remember him saying this is not good not good at all for us the Arabs…he was right!!!

September 11, 2006: I am in Beirut still trying to understand the dynamics of the ME!!!
Blair is in Beirut and not everybody is happy about that…
I am watching on TV demonstrations on the streets of Beirut protesting against Blair’s visit.

For 5 years, I have been hearing Arabs and Muslims nagging and protesting against the US and its allies (especially the UK) accusing them of racism and calling them the “real terrorists”…
Fine, I am not saying that the US is being rational; I am not saying that the Bush doctrine and the Bush policy of extracting Global Terrorism are smart.

But, I wished for 5 years to see an Arab demonstration, a Muslim demonstration against Ben Laden and against Zarqawi (before his death)…I have never seen a demonstration against these terrorists…against these people who are pretending that they are fighting on behalf of the Muslims. I have heard thousands of people saying that Ben Laden’s Islam is not the real Islam…So, where are you people why aren’t you demonstrating against him????

10,000 Muslim in Germany demonstrated yesterday against the attacks of 9/11 …Maybe others should follow…especially Arab Muslims…They have to denounce Ben Laden…They have to shout loud: Ben Laden we Arab Muslims refuse to be used by you. Stop pretending that you are fighting in our name and for our sake…


Blogger The Human Product said...

What are you saying? You want Arabs to strike against someone else's case, you want us to be objective, and you want us to be humans before we expect them to look at us as humans, you want us to say that killing innocent people is wrong

aha, now i got it, you are an American, Zionist, terrorist (oops sorry)…blab blab blab

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