Monday, August 14, 2006

When is the next war?

Today at 8 am the war stopped in Lebanon.
So, what do you expect us to do now?
Should we pretend that nothing happened? Should we delete from our memories all the events from July 12 till August 14?
I saw lot’s of Lebanese on the streets again, in the restaurants again. That is great for a while but not healthy on the long run.
If we keep deleting we will keep on having wars, this is what history is trying to teach us but we are refusing to learn.
This is a cease-fire; cease-fires are always temporary. Isn’t it time to think about something more permanent like a peace treaty?
Many will say this is blasphemy, moreover it is not the time for that… we have to mourn, to rebuild etc… and we are the last country to sign a peace treaty with the enemy.
Fine, but at least keep that on the agenda…even if it is the last item…or else the only question that we should be asking ourselves is: "when will be the next war in our country; the country that we all love?"


Blogger murph said...

Oh Laury...heard you on the radio again today.

What a mess. You are right. A cease-fire is not PEACE. Nothing has been resolved.

I hope you get to make sushi with your friends again soon. I love sushi, and also love to make it with my children.

Will you and your family try to move to Canada?

1:03 AM  
Blogger Laury Haytayan said...

Well Canada is an option, it is not fair for my kid to make him live in an unstable country even if it is our ancestors place.

10:00 AM  
Blogger murph said...

hi laury i'm april shamrock's daughter i am sad that there is war in your country i hope you come through it well but i'm sure that your life will improve soon i hope your little boy will be happy

3:41 AM  

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