Monday, August 07, 2006

Psychology and War

For 27 days now, almost all the Lebanese are mesmerized in front of the TV watching the news and listening to the analysis guessing when the war will stop, what will be the next move of each party, who is winning the war, whose war is this…etc etc…
I discovered that all our university teachers and professors are political or military or “strategic” (whatever that means) analysts. I discovered that all the reporters (senior, junior, beginner, intern…) in newspapers are analysts and have the answers to the hardest questions, questions that the parties concerned may not have an answer to…

If I had the chance to host analysts, I would have chosen psychologists and psychiatrists. I am sure you want to know why.
It is simple; this whole war is because of mentally sick countries, governments and populations.

Let’s start with the parties directly involved in the war: Hezbollah and Israel.

Hezbollah is a Shiite movement or party or whatever you want to call it. Shiites in the history of Islam were considered second class Muslims compared to Sunnis. They were always lacking power and marginalized. So, now Hezbollah in its fight against Israel, it is showing that Shiites can be powerful, they can bring honour to Islam and they can be the protectors of the Islamic world. The lack of love towards him turned him to an aggressive entity wanting to prove himself. Hezbollah wants to regain the love of the parents (the Islamic world).

Israel is an insecure entity, always feeling persecuted, looking for the enemy everywhere. Stupid comments like wanting to throw Israel into the sea, or getting rid of Israel do not help in healing the patient on the contrary it enforces the idea of persecution, and therefore making him more hysteric and unpredictable in his moves.

Now, let’s move to the other indirect parties: the US, the EU, Iran and the Arab world.

The US is an obsessed entity, obsessed with terrorism and Islam. It has the compulsive obsessive disorder thing… Always wanting to kill the terrorists and the Muslims whoever they are or wherever they are non-stop 24/7.

The EU has the ongoing eternal guilt feeling towards Israel because of the Holocaust. So whatever, Israel does or will do the EU will never be able to stand against it.

Iran’s mental sickness is the same as Hezbollah’s; that inferiority feeling towards the Sunnis, and the feeling of being unloved, desperate to do anything to regain the respect and love. So, they show that they will stand up against the US, they will be tough and so on…

The Arab world is like the EU. However, the Arabs feel guilty towards the Palestinians; they feel that they left them alone in their fight to regain their lands. Moreover, those who signed peace treaties with Israel are the sickest, because the guilt feeling is bigger than the others… That is why we see Egyptians and Jordanians more passionate about Hezbollah’s fight against Israel.

So, you see this whole war between Israel and Hezbollah can be analysed from a mental perspective.

We are indeed living in a sick world.


Blogger APK said...

Well said. You should be writing commentaries for Newsweek. But in my opinion the US doesn't care about terrorists or Islam. Yes may be on the surface we are infatuated with these things. We like to put them on shiny magazine covers and try to "understand" them by always talking about them in the media. But our government is really only obsessed with cheap oil and having eternal access to supplies and profits. Mentally sick indeed.

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