Monday, August 07, 2006

persona non grata

Walid Moalem is the foreign minister of Syria... He is not welcomed in Beirut... He came on Sunday to participate in the useless Arab summit of Arab foreign ministers, as soon as he was given the opportunity to say what is on his government's mind, he started bullshiting...
The Syrian regime is unable to understand that no one cares what Bashar thinks about the American-French deal over Lebanon, that no one wants to deal with Bashar and his surrounding.
If the Americans and the French decide to talk to someone it will be Iran.
Syria is out of Lebanon and it will not come back...
Bashar thinks that the Shebaa card will bring him back to Beirut, haha... Look around you the world has changed.


Blogger Parton Words said...

Well done this morning Laury, you were sensational.

Wishing all the best of luck for the coming weeks and we'll chat with you again soon.

4:46 PM  
Blogger murph said...

Hi Laury,

Heard you on the radio this morning.

No words of wisdom for you really, although you had many, and I was glued to my radio. I see how it is that you worked in the job that you did. I wish you well and pray for peace in the middle east.

As I chip away at my own little legal drama here in Australia, I know that although I think I'm right, I will have to concede to the other side. If I don't, my children will suffer, and I will lose my home. My own "mini-war", but at least I am the only decision maker in a short term problem.

The war in the middle east is generations old, it's complicated, so complicated I don't fully understand it. The factions involved are so passionate (or brainwashed?) that they will fight until the bitter end, and most will never see the desired ending of peace, or revenge, or justification or karma or whatever it is that is sought. War is the saddest, saddest thing I have ever witnessed, and I haven't even witnessed it first hand.

I feel devastated for all the families that are torn apart, and I wish with all my heart for peace in the middle east.

All the best to you, your husband and son, Laury, I hope things over in Lebanon improve soon.

1:07 AM  

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