Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dan the Man

The UN Security Council meetings are usually boring except when Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador to the UN has to deliver a speech.
Yes, he is Israeli put I admire his way in delivering speeches…Actually I enjoy listening to him, he makes me laugh… hey let’s make it clear I am not talking about the content of his speeches.
But, Mr Gillerman is a natural actor, I like him when he looks at the Lebanese ambassador and directly speaks to him while our ambassador tries to ignore him. I like him when he calls our ambassador my “Lebanese friend”, which makes our ambassador nervous.
This man is so funny, shrewd and devilish…
I am happy that Dr Tarek Mitri has gone to the UN to represent us at this crucial point. I just saw Mr Mitri’s performance, not bad Dr… Thank God that you did not leave the floor to Mr Nuhad Mahmood (our ambassador to the UN. Please with people like Mr Gillerman at the UN, our government should choose the best of the best to represent us…
Mr Mahmood, why don’t you run the tapes of the “Gillerman Show” and learn a bit? Of course during your free time in New York.We can not always lose at the UN even when we are right because of our poor performance


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