Thursday, August 10, 2006

The aftermath

When the war started a month ago, almost all the Lebanese were surprised and shocked. We were not in the mood of war; we were in the mood of festivities.
What has happened has happened. What has gone has gone…
What I want to know and what worries me is what will happen after the war ends…
Many so-called analysts have started preaching that what is coming next will be worse than the Israeli destruction… Great…
Is Hezbollah more frightening as loser or as victorious?
Is it easier to deal with a weak Hezbollah or a strong Hezbollah?
If Hezbollah is disarmed and stops existing as a resistance movement; will its leadership focus on the internal politics and work on creating an Islamic Republic? What will be the “raison d’etre” (sorry I don’t know how to use the French keyboard) of Hezbollah as a non-resistant party?
These are some of the worrying questions…there are more…
I wish I knew a fortune teller …


Blogger murph said...

Hi Laury,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still reading.

Heard you on the radio yesterday. It wasn't a very clear connection, but it was good to hear that you are OK.

Your Positive Activism post really touched me. Makes me realise that we really needn't complain here in Australia about the price of our petrol and bananas, amongst other things!

Also had a look at the link on "What is happening on the other side". Interesting. The photographs and artwork were really thought provoking.

Keep up the good work with your blog Laury and Take Care.

3:11 PM  

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