Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Futile Dreams

I had an interview on Monday on a radio station in Canberra Australia to talk about the war in Lebanon... At one point during the interview the host Lisa asked me : "Did you wish Hezbollah did not exist?"
That is a futile question, Hezbollah does exist and we have to deal with it...
It is the same as when some Arabs and non-Arabs say if Israel did not exist such and such would not have happened... What a stupid thing.... Hey people, Hey AhmadiNajad... Israel exists and it will continue on existing unless of course the Iranian Superman AhmadiNajad will wipe out Israel as he bullies...

Instead of putting all our energy in futile discourses, let us put our energy in finding strategies to deal with Israel to create a peaceful environment in the Middle East.

Hezbollah will always exist, Israel will always exist, what we have to work on is to change the dynamics of their relationship.


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