Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Building LEGO models builds your soul

When you are is not easy...

When you have choices and you know what to is easy...

Lasagna or Seafood linguini...of course the seafood

Red wine or white wine...of course red wine

Tennis or Ballet...of course tennis

Work or housewife...of course work

Paris or London...of course London

Horror movie or light comedy movie...of course light comedy

 Straight or gay...of course the most fun option which gives you more options...

And here you go with the confusion...Did you understand what was the answer?

What happened why there was confusion, where did that very assertive, confident person go..

But look closer again, what is confusion or was it a decision to defy monotony?

So we come to the conclusion that easy is not always a synonym to fun and happy

Sometimes when you are confused you try harder to see in between lines and get to explore deeper layers for answers, a process that is fun and delightful because you experience so many different things before you come up with a straight answer to a choice...

It is all about building...Have you ever experienced the joy of building something, anything?

It is fascinating to see how things are built...Go now buy a LEGO game...

They are not for kids at all...once you start building the feel beautiful things...great sensations...

Building is a therapy...for a permanent smile on your face...and for bringing happiness around you...

While you are is your soul that your building 


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