Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Our nicest neighbour...the Mediterranean*

It is so funny...
Syria is allowed to talk about peace with Israel but not Lebanon.
The Syrians have the right to negotiate with Israel to reach peace whatever that peace is: cold, warm, hot, boiling.

But it will be a crime for a Lebanese to think (just think) of peace with Israel...

Explain it to me...Why is that?

Lebanon is not under the Syrian control anymore...and the Lebanese government should have a clear vision about its future relations with Israel.
What are we going to do with this belligerent neighbour? Are we going to fight it year after year after year? Are we going to wait for its attacks and aggression? 1969-1978-1982-1993-1996-1999-2006 aren't these invasions enough to conclude that we have to find a sustainable solution?

*This is a statement by my dearest friend Rita Baroud ( I love you)


Blogger Emil , Jerusalem said...

Dear Laury ,

I feel , that your post explains the feelings of many , many Lebanese people.

Also I'm sure , that when the final peace treaty between our countries will be concluded , it surely will be a "hot peace".

I feel however , that at present circumstances , even if we sign quickly the peace with Syria - it will be the "cold" one.

Time is short to explain the grounds for my feeling . Let me just assure you , that the need for a prosperous , strong and wealthy Lebanon with A L L it's communities , which controlls A L L of its territory - that need is common to every Israeli citizen , even the extreme right.

Yours truly ,

1:19 PM  
Blogger gestapo said...

This is not a sincere site. No respones to comments. I would caution anyone thinking of sharing their thoughts to go elsewhere. A site devoted to understanding and conflict resolution would not be so aloof.

9:34 PM  
Blogger murph said...

Hey Gestapo! I'll give you aloof mate!

How dare you question the sincerity of this site from a beautiful woman, a citizen of Lebanon and an intelligent one at that! She is a mother and wife, and she loves her family, and there is nothing "aloof" about this blog.

If Laury does not respond to comments, it's because she is busy trying to hold "her world" together after it suddenly turned upside down 6 weeks ago.

Furthermore...if YOU were "devoted to understanding and conflict resolution", then why on earth would you name yourself "gestapo" with NOTHING to back it thoughts to share...only critiscism.


5:08 AM  

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