Sunday, August 06, 2006

Finally I got it!!!

Again I am having difficulties writing continuously, you know why because I am learning new things everyday and I am having difficulties processing the new information.
The latest discovery of mine is that finally I got to understand the new international structure, the one created after 9/11; the one that wants to fight terrorism and bring in the Middle East DEMOCRACY.

So, let me share it with you.

Lebanon came up with a seven points plan to solve the ongoing war with Israel, and the Lebanese PM went to Rome proposing it to the US, the Europeans and some Arab countries.
Israel did not even bother looking at it; the IDF continued bombing whatever it showed on its radar.
The US and France decided that the Lebanese plan did not suit them so, they started negotiating a plan of their own.
Yesterday the plan was out to the public… and both the US and France were satisfied with it and Israel found it to good to be implemented or accepted by the Lebanese.
But no one asked the Lebanese what they thought of it, if it was suitable for them… Who cares about the Lebanese and what they think of the plan.
As if the war is not happening on the Lebanese soil, as if it wasn’t the Lebanese kids that were getting killed, as if it wasn’t 1 million Lebanese that were forced to leave their houses.

Well, this is the new International Structure…. Thank you America, Thank you La France… Thank you for knowing what is best for us more than us…


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