Thursday, October 12, 2006

The weather for tomorrow October 13, 2006: Sunny! Sunny! Sunny!

The cause for such a wonderful sunny day in mid October is well known to all:


31 years ago the Universe was lucky to see me born…

31 years later all my readers around the Universe are getting fed up with me celebrating my birthday since the beginning of the week

Well here my readers around the Universe you should be saying: NOOOOOOOOOOOO, we are lucky to have you in our lives!!!!

So happy birthday to me…may all my wishes come true…


Blogger littlemissNoa said...

well, well or should i say surprise surprise?!
Happy Birthday!
Eid Milad Sa'eed !
Félicitations !
Mazal Tov !
Darling, have the best B-day ever! For next year i am going to wish that we can celebrate it together over sushi! Or maybe I shouldn’t say my wishes out loud because they might not come true ;)…
Your birthday gifts are waiting for you here!
gros gros bisous de Paris je t’embrasse très fort,

5:36 AM  
Blogger AM said...

Happy Birthday :)
Another proud Libra ;)

PS: been reading your blog for a while, great stuff you have here.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Laury Haytayan said...

hey AM thanks...Libras are always great people....GREAT MINDS...

and NOA...another Great mind...what can i say to words can describe what i have in mind...

5:46 AM  
Blogger Rapscallion said...

Happy Birthday, Laury!!!!!

11:51 AM  
Blogger thatscottishwoman said...

Hi Laury
A happy birthday from that scottish woman

9:43 AM  

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