Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The new Middle East

Since the start of the war, many politicians and analysts are talking about the new Middle East that Ms Rice was preaching about.
No one really knows what she means by that, how it will look like...confusion in the Bush Land...nothing new

But I will give you a hint what the new Middle East looks like from my side:

As you know, even though the crazy useless war ended up with a cease-fire, the blockade is still on and therefore it is really difficult to find gas (fuel, benzin…whatever you want to call it) for the cars.
This morning I promised my three year old son to take him to the park (playground…)
But before going there we had to stop at a gas station to fill my car…The station that I am used to was not providing gas…I was really angry… and my small little kid turned to me and said in French “maman, ne t’inquiete pas on va trouver du benzin” (translation: mama don’t worry we will find gas)

That is the new Middle East, little kids trying to appease their parents, trying to calm them…thinking of fuel, of things that shouldn’t preoccupy them.

How wonderful...Thank you Ms Rice


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