Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sadly Funny… Ironic

I was watching the news on CNN, they were covering the Rome conference. The anchor was wondering how the participants were expecting the meeting to be successful when the two main actors (Hezbollah and Israel) were absent.
The reporter answered that it was quite known that Mr Seniora, the Lebanese Prime Minster was speaking on behalf of Hezbollah, while Ms Rice, the US Secretary of State was the spokesperson for Israel.
It was so funny to hear that. What a war!
They say this is an Iranian-Syrian war against Israel, while Iranians and Syrians are sitting peacefully in their houses.
They say Israel is fighting Hezbollah, and wants to destroy its infra structure, while we see that the IDF planes are destroying Lebanon’s infra structure.
The Lebanese government is representing Hezbollah; the US is representing Israel; Hezbollah is representing Iran and Syria.
What kind of a war is this!!!
I wish somebody else was representing the Lebanese population, I wish somebody else was suffering instead of the Lebanese people.
I wish somebody else was suffering instead of the Israeli civilians.
It seems that only the sufferings of the innocents on both sides are genuine in this war.


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