Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Iraqi Trauma

I have been working on Trauma Healing with a group of Iraqis from different areas. The sessions were always challenging and emotional. It is so impressive and scary to see men and women crying in front of you, talking about their fears and worst nightmares.
Who said that Arab men don't cry????? I have seen Iraqi men, from places like Baakuba, Samara (places where the media qualifies as very dangerous with ruthless men) crying and suffering because of the war in Iraq. Everybody in Iraq is suffering.
A few days ago I have received an email from one of my friends from the Trauma Healing workshop; he wanted my help.
He said:"Dear Laury, I am witnessing something frightening in my town. Many of the kids in the town have seen their fathers killed by the Coalition Forces and now they want revange. They are only thinking of revange, they are not mourning their death, they are not crying their loss. They have lost interest in everything, they are not going to school, they are staying out of their houses, thinking and planning for revange. I see them in front of my eyes, young bright kids turning into criminals and murderers. What can I do, I am helpless."
This was the latest email I received from Iraq two days ago. This is what is happening in Iraq, this is in a way the untold story of terrorism in Iraq. Can I call it "forced" terrorism? Yes, kids are being dragged to violence because they are only seeing violence around them, they are seeing that violence is prevailing. How can we change their views?


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