Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israeli aggression or self-defense

The neverending story in the Middle East... Once again Hizballah attacks Israel and the Israeli military replies on a wide scale and decides to punish all the Lebanese.
It is not the first aggression on both sides; however will it be the last?
Two scenarios are being discussed among the Lebanese so-called analysts.
One scenario is that Israel is being very aggressive and determined to reply to the Hizballah military operation on a wide scale in order to send the message that the "soldiers' abduction" strategy will not soften the Israelis and it will not break the mentality of the Defense Army neither against Hizballah nor Hamas. But at the end of the day, the Israelis will negotiate with Hizballah.
The second scenario goes on a different direction. The Israeli Defense Army will not stop its agression until it destroys Hizballah. The Islamic Resistance's operation was a great opportunity to Israel to get rid of its Lebanese enemy instead of waiting for the Lebanese themselves to come up with a solution to disarm Hizballah.
The Israeli plan is to weaken Hizballah, and destroy its leadership and afterwards negotiate with the Lebanese government on a peace settlement.
I am writing this paragraph and I am hearing the blasts from my room. How will this new wave of violence end this time? Only the coming days hold the answer to this one million dollar question.


Blogger Shawn Wasson said...

I know times are tough for you right now but if you are interested in doing an interview tomorrow for U.S. radio please send me your contact info to

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Blogger Itai Boublil said...

Hello there...
I am sorry for the pain you have to go through, I see it on TV every day for the whole day, this is how it is when you live in Israel.
About your post, the second scenarios is correct, and that is Israel does try to destroy Hib'Alla. They try to destroy its military wing, but not its civil's contribution. In anyway, I hope it will end soon, because Lebanon is not to blame here. You did nothing worng.

8:22 PM  

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