Sunday, July 23, 2006

open letter to sayyed Hasan Nasrallah

Dear Sayyed Nasrallah,

Two days ago my husband, my 3 years old son and I had to leave our house and go find a safer place to protect ourselves. You might say so what more than 750,000 Lebanese have become IDPs. Yes, that is true. However, I am paying the price of a war that I havent chosen.
Sorry to tell you that Sayyed Hasan but I am very much disappointed.
I always admired Hezbollah for being a corrupt free party, I supported Hezbollah's fight to liberate the occupied territories until May 2000, I understood Hezbollah's attitude and position after the death of the late prime minister Rafic Hariri, I was optimistic to see Hezbollah participating in the national dialogue and calming down the Christians and Sunnis of any delusional Shia attack on them.
But today, I am unable to admire, to support, to understand and to be optimistic.
Today, I am angry and I feel duped.
Sayyed Hasan you said that Hezbollah's arm will never be used against the Lebanese, I believed you. But your act has destroyed Lebanon... Isn't it the same?
For a while, I believed that your Lebanese agenda prevailed and you started networking with your Lebanese allies to strengthen the relationship among the different sects of Lebanon.
What has happened? Why all this is happening now?
I am writing this message to you and the Israeli fighters are flying over my head.
My son is asking me why he is not going to the nursery; he is asking me about his friends. What can I tell him?
Sayyed Hasan, can you tell me when can I return to my home and sleep in my bed?


Blogger Vaishal Patel said...

Dear Writer,
I read all your posts, just in search of findidng little truth about the labenese and isreali people. I totally agreed with all you thoughts and perspectives.
I forced my self to read people's blog because all of a sudden, while watching news yesterday night, I started thinking about people's condition in both of the countries which is absolutely superseded by the political agenda's. The plight of people is exactly the way I have thought.
But here I would like to tell you that be brave, as you are now, and never lose your hopes and courage. I can figure, from your posts, that you have little boy who needs to be well taken care off. So be a strong mamma and trust you inner belief and not religion because religion always causes problem.
Best wishes to you and keep your fingure crosesed for the good days...because bad things never lasts forever.
I would like to read more if you right about the current situation.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Leafless Eve said...

This is how we all felt... I've moved around all my life, but this is the first time i feel like a refugee...
I have to respect for Nasralla or anyone who uses religion to justify his/her political views/actions...

7:50 AM  

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