Monday, July 17, 2006

hezbollah-Israel nightmare continues

A week ago my two sisters arrived to Beirut from France; they came to spend the summer in Beirut. The airport was full of people waiting for their relatives from all over the world. Six planes from Istambul, Frankfurt, Prague, Bahrain, Paris and Kuwait had landed with enthusiast, smiling Lebanese and foreigners.
Today, the airport is destroyed. Lebanese are stuck in the country and foreigners are being evacuated. No more smiles, no more vacation.
The destruction is unbelievable, in less than a week, Lebanon has been destroyed. It is so painful to watch your country being destroyed. So depressing to think that we paid so much money to rebuild the country after 15 years of war; we put so much energy to stand on our feet again (as we say in Arabic) and we believed so much in our power as a tourism country; a country that has the charm of the Orient and the technology of the West, a mysterious mix.
There is no more mystery, there is no more charm, there is no more technology.
There is the sound of planes flying all over Lebanon, there is the sound of bombs hitting PEOPLE, buildings, bridges...., there is the sound of sirens, there is the sound of people crying, mourning their loss.....
Welcome to Beirut, have a nice summer vacation!!!!


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