Friday, March 02, 2007

Scattered thoughts

The Palestinian problem ceased to be an Arab problem the moment the internal fighting started between Fatah and Hamas…

Israel can stop pretending to be different than its Arab neighbors, its government as our governments take order from the US… So welcome Israel to your Arab neighborhood…Enjoy your stay

Lebanon is not more than a country, Lebanon is not a message from God, Lebanon is not a symbol of co-existence…Lebanon is a failed state

The wisest analysis I heard since the start of the Lebanese crisis in February 2005 was last week. The analysis goes as such: “The Palestinians are fighting so hard to get a country and stop being a CAUSE and we the Lebanese are doing everything possible to destroy our country to become a CAUSE”- Rafic Khoury, Journalist.

Should we or shouldn’t we negotiate with terrorists?

Whoever thinks that civilization as we know it will disappear is mistaken. Look around you, look at the people. Human beings are passionate about life, and this is the driving force of civilization… Passion of life

What is the purpose of drinking black tea without sugar?

You should always answer to sms’ that you get. Think of the other side, he/she might be getting crazy waiting for an answer

Empathy is impossible
Sympathy is cheap
Apathy is the easy way out

Carrot cake is my favorite desert
I wonder what will be the next trend of food after sushi in the world
I discovered that I liked prunes more than oranges and apples
I always forget to mention that my favorite movie, really favorite is Mr and Mrs Smith…Sorry Jennifer…


Blogger Jersey Guy said...

As always, Laury, you offer a lot of food for thought. But among all of the important questions that you raise, this trivial one stands out:

"What is the purpose of drinking black tea without sugar?"

My response to that is: What is the purpose of drinking black tea with sugar?

:) I need to be light once in a while or I would just cry. We are both watching our countries be destroyed and it is oh, so frustrating.

Have a great weekend.


3:10 AM  
Blogger Laury Haytayan said...

well jersey guy black tea without sugar is like drinking hot water...or boiling water...who wants to do that???

9:04 AM  
Blogger Jersey Guy said...

if your black tea tastes like hot water you are not letting it steep long enough. :-)


11:43 PM  

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