Thursday, August 17, 2006


Walid Jumblatt spoke…
Comapred to Saad Harriri Jumblatt’s press conference was very realistic away from emotions, not comforting. Harriri’s speech was more “popularistic” and gave more hope to the Lebanese.

Jumblatt was critical of Nassrallah; he was clear that there was no Lebanese consensus over the war. He said we refuse pre-emptive strikes whether coming from Israel/US or coming from Iran/Hezbollah on the Lebanese soil.

He said we can build the country, it is easy but how can we build trust again?

He said the Shiaa in Lebanon should not try to find a special role, should not try to distinguish themselves from the other Lebanese (he quoted Mohamad Shamseddine)

Where are you Nassrallah? Say what you have to say…speak in your Lebanese mouth…Be a real Lebanese...Be a real hero…

Forget Iran


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