Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Open Letter to President Bush

No one is excited about the “Bush Conference” in November.

Yes they don’t even call it the Peace Conference or even the Washington Conference (like the Madrid conference of 1992)…

The Bush conference…no one of the politicians wants it…

I have a suggestion…

Dear Mr President (Bush)

Many of us citizens of the Middle East are fed up with the unbearable, crazy, absurd, ridiculous, bizarre situation in our region…

Not only the situation, but moreover we can’t support our leaders’ appetite for war and inefficiency in coming up with creative solutions…

Therefore, Mr President I urge you to cancel all the invitations (to the politicians) to your private party and to write new invitations to us.

Us, Mr President are practical dreamers from every corner of the Middle East that are doing everything they can, and are using every mean available to create some kind of a peaceful environment…

We, the practical dreamers deserve it more to have a strong platform to meet and discuss all crazy alternatives to bring the Middle Eastern people together.

Mr President, we the practical dreamers are the winning card…Not the politicians that will join your party just for the food and drinks.

Think about it!

We are waiting for the invitations.

Laury Haytayan
(on behalf of the practical dreamers of the Middle East)


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