Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Morning Coffee

My creative mind!
Who said we can’t have sushi in the early morning?
After all early morning in Beirut is afternoon in Tokyo!!

So why can’t I eat according to Japan’s timing and go to work according to Dubai’s timing…and still be living in Beirut??!!

That is what freedom is about…

Yes, I know I always have great ideas…a very creative person what can I say…
Sometimes one has to put his/her modesty aside…

What is bothering me!!
There is something that I can not understand and I would like to share it with you, this way I will take it off my chest because it is really bothering me…
How come everybody (Lebanese, Americans, French and Israelis) are declaring that Hezbollah is receiving arms from Iran and NO ONE is doing anything to stop it?
What is that??
Do they have a FEELING that Hezbollah is continuing arming itself? Or do they have FACTS about that?
It is like this woman who suspects that her husband is having an affair, she talks about it, gets upset about it but does nothing…
So please, if you have proof…stop the flooding of arms, if not stop traumatizing people!!!

Strange isn’t it?? That we haven’t been hearing about peace talks, peace initiatives between Israel and Syria for a while now!!!
Ha, but don’t you ever think that this means that there is nothing going on.
No news means there is something happening...
I wonder where the Syrians and Israelis are having their secret meetings…Somewhere in Europe?.. Where that might be? Switzerland maybe?
However I think the best place for them should be in Romania-Transylvania- Drakula’s hometown!!! Did you get the joke?? NO? me neither!!!!!!!!!!

Long Live Peace in the Middle East


Blogger Emil , Jerusalem said...

Hi, Laury

Last week I went with my family to the North of Israel. It was extremely hot, but one evening we got to Tiberias ( Kinneret lake, the Sea of Galilee ) and had a dinner at Pagoda restaurant
I raised a toast for a peace and mentioned that somewhere north of Kiryat Shmona there is a great Sushi master.

Some photos will be published next week on my blog.

From his last speech I understand that G W Bush is ready to finish Iran, so the Hizballa will be finished by itself soon. And it will be easy to reach agreements with Syria.


5:06 AM  
Blogger Laury Haytayan said...

hey emil, one day we will have sushi together, nothing in Tokyo...somehwere on the fake borders of our countries!!!

12:00 PM  

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