Saturday, June 30, 2007

Scattered thoughts 2

1-For those that watch Nip/Tuck, here is an interesting conversation between Julia and her daughter Annie after a Hurricane hit Miami:
On there way to the airport

Annie: Who is going to take care of this mess?(after seeing the destruction caused by the hurricane)

Julia: People rebuild…This is what we do

Yes some people are builders and rebuilders without despair
And some people are destroyers par excellence…

That is our battle in the Middle East, the battle between destroyers- death lovers, and between builders –life craving people…

2-Ugliness is ugly…
Ugliness makes you feel down…depressed

3-If you are not good in something don’t keep on doing it…Stop fighting failure…

4-If you think that making others happy will make you happy…well you are mistaken…It will make you miserable…

5-When your acts and words don’t match that means you are a liar or that you are afraid and hiding something…

6- 40 days ago, I gave birth to a beautiful boy…Since then my life has completely changed…To the best?

7-I don’t know what is happening to me…but I went yesterday to buy an Olivia Newton John’s CD

8-I can’t believe that I am liking a song by Najwa Karam… Oh my God what is happening to me?

9-What if Dinosaurs are back on our planet? I think my son Marco will be happy…

10- I still don’t understand those who love drinking black tea


Blogger raffi.aida said...

this is your uncle, from Montreal,
just yesterday in toronto I was having conversation with my uncle
you know who,he was telling me(this people don't like to see things in one piece it has to be broken to pieces) so Lebanon has distroyers eventually a good destroyers that will give those bad trouble makers the real meaning of "distroy".The things that should happen in 1975 it's happening Now and that's a good thing.

8:18 PM  

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